ICE Initiatives ​

Our current ICE Initiatives

At ICE we welcome our members to bring ideas for initiatives that support and help our community grow. If you have ideas you would like to suggest​, do let us know on​

ICE Propel

ICE Propel is ICE's coaching and fundraising programme for underrepresented founders.​ ​ICE Propel will coach founders in their fundraising journey and give them access to our investor community.


All In

​The All In Commitment was incubated by a core team from ICE. It is a coordinated response by the UK startup & scaleup ecosystem to proactively drive diversity & inclusion in our businesses, creating a fairer world for all. We’ve crafted a commitment to help leaders take action.

Our first goal is to encourage and inspire leaders of the fastest growing startups in the UK to take action. By building a community of startup leaders, we’ll enable peer to peer connections and learning, as well as providing support from and access to leading D&I experts and organisations.


Ride 25

ICE is a supporter of Ride25 - a unique cycling organisation set-up to raise money for charity - funds are raised through 25 bite sized cycling legs travelling from London to Australia.

The Founders is a new group within Ride25 focused on tech founders. They completed Leg 1 from London to Paris in September 2022 and will complete Leg 2 from Paris to Geneva in September 2023. With a heritage of ICE member participation and great reviews this is well worth checking out.